Twenty-Two Things about Being Twenty-Two

I was going to try to write something deeply profound about adulthood, and this is what happened instead. It’s pretty much a list of random crap that is going on in my twenty-two year old brain. Feel free to read on for a dose of sarcasm, honesty, and a few pictures of my beautiful friends who are making this whole growing up thing a little more bearable.

Twenty-Two things about being Twenty-Two:

1. Nobody tells me what I should do anymore. I get to decide what I want to do (like eating cheesecake for breakfast)

2. I also get to deal with the consequences of doing whatever I want to do by myself (like eating cheesecake for breakfast)

3. I am no longer able to go to bed at 4 am. 11:30 is late enough for now.

4. In the words of T-Swift, I’m “…happy, free, confused, and lonely  at the same time”

5. Wearing glitter eyeliner and  hot pink lipstick to church dinners brings me great joy.

6. I think I want to be a midwife.

7. Maybe.


8. I still feel like a sixteen year old girl trying to figure out where I want to go to college.

9. High heels are my favorite.

10. I will answer sixty percent of the questions you ask me with “I don’t know”


11. Pens used to be my favorite writing instrument. Now black Ticonderoga pencils are my weapon of choice.

12. This is because the only constant force in my life is change, and pencils allow my writing to embody this reality.

13. It’s okay to drink a glass of wine, dance, then lay down on the floor with the dog because the floor is cool and my face is flushed.

14. Best friends are life’s greatest treasure.



15. They will tell you not to buy the neon orange lipstick at 10pm.


16. I only wanted it because I thought it would make me look like a manic pixie dream girl.


17. I have a tattoo and I’m in love with it.

18. Because no matter how much my life changes in one day, I am still an Eshet Chayil, and that truth is inked in my skin.

19. I know Jesus loves me.

20. The manifestations of this love look different than I ever thought they would.

21. I am okay with that.

22. Because loving and being Loved is my soul’s greatest adventure.

Later Days,

Here’s a video of a dog that just makes me really happy. Just because.


One thought on “Twenty-Two Things about Being Twenty-Two

  1. Oh Baby! You make me laugh, smile and cry all at once! Oh yes, and gasp at the cheesecake for breakfast – especially because I wasn’t there to enjoy it with you!! And THAT dog….needs to join the land of misfits, especially the ones behind the fence….it would have a party with long tail….or is it short tail that looks like that?
    And the tattoo is perfect!

    Love you and all that you share!!

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